What are the differences between the advantages and disadvantages of thin cylinders?


Disadvantages of thin Pneumatic cylinder (made by Air Cylinders Tube) pneumatic components:

1.Due to the compressibility of air, the action speed of the air cylinder is easily changed by the change of the load. The use of gas-liquid linkage can overcome this defect.

2.When the cylinder is moving at low speed, the low-speed stability of the cylinder is not as good as that of the hydraulic cylinder due to the large proportion of the friction force in the thrust.

3. Although the output force of the air cylinder can meet the working requirements in many applications, its output force is smaller than that of the hydraulic air cylinder(made by Pneumatic Cylinder Aluminum Alloy Round Tube).

Advantages of thin cylinder pneumatic components:

1. The pneumatic device has a simple structure, light weight, simple installation and maintenance. The medium is air, which is less flammable than hydraulic medium, so it is safe to use.

2. The working medium is inexhaustible air, and the air itself does not cost money. The exhaust gas treatment is simple, does not pollute the environment, and has low cost.

3. The adjustment of output force and working speed is very easy. The action speed of the cylinder is generally less than 1M/S, which is faster than the action speed of hydraulic and electrical methods.

4. High reliability and long service life. The effective number of actions of electrical components is about one million times, while the life of general solenoid valves is more than 30 million times, and some valves with good quality exceed 200 million times.

5. The thin Pneumatic cylinder utilizes the compressibility of air to store energy and realize centralized air supply. The energy is released for a short period of time for high-speed response in intermittent motion. Buffering is possible. Strong adaptability to shock loads and overloads. Under certain conditions, the pneumatic device can have self-maintaining ability.

Post time: Apr-11-2022