• Pneumatic cylinder action principle, slow running and maintenance

    Pneumatic cylinder action principle, slow running and maintenance

    The movement speed of the pneumatic cylinder is mainly determined by the needs of the working mechanism. When the demand is slow and stable, gas-liquid damping pneumatic cylinder or throttle...
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  • What are the safety precautions for the use of SMC rodless pneumatic cylinders

    SMC Rodless Pneumatic cylinder It is a larger mechanism and has a stroke. Its rotation requires you to use a buffering device and increase the buffering. You need to have a deceleration circuit and a device to ease the mechanism. , It is recommended that you increase the oil pressure buffer. In a...
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  • Difference between the hot-rolled pneumatic cylinder tube and cylinder tube characteristics

    Tube round slab, hot-rolled pneumatic cylinder tubes casting or blooming slab as raw material into the rough rolling mill reheating furnace heating, high pressure water descaling rough rolling material by the cutting head, tail, re-entering the finishing mill,implementation of computer-controlled...
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  • Pneumatic cylinder tube processing technology and processing principles

    The pneumatic cylinder tube rolling processing, the surface layer left the surface residual compressive stress, contribute to the closure of small surface cracks, and hinder the expansion of the erosion. Thereby increasing the surface corrosion resistance, and can delay ...
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  • Reason analysis and treatment method of Festo pneumatic cylinder not running

    The side load of Festo pneumatic cylinder should not exceed its allowable value during operation. It can maintain the normal operation and service life of the pneumatic cylinder during use. Prevent moisture in the system from freezing. When the Festo pneumatic cylinder i...
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  • Do you know about the inspection and repair of pneumatic cylinder block cracks?

    In order to keep abreast of the condition of the pneumatic cylinder(made by Pneumatic Cylinder Barrel) block, it is generally necessary to test for cracks by hydrostatic testing. The specific method is to connect the pneumatic cylinder head and the pneumatic cylinder blo...
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  • Cylinder Tube Technique: Honing and Skiving Roller Burnishing

    Autoair Pneumatic is a professional manufacturer of cylinder tube, hard chrome piston rod, and induction hardened chromed shaft for pneumatic cylinder. We are proud of offering the best service and quality by using the precise method to ensure quality control. Our products are distributed around ...
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  • What is the difference between welded pipe and seamless pipe?

    The manufacturing process of a welded pipe begins at coils, which are cut by desired lengths and formed into steel plates and steel strips. The steel plates and steels strips are rolled by a rolling machine, and then form into a circular shape. In the ERW process (Electric Resistance Welded), hig...
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  • Pneumatic cylinder purchase skills sharing

    The quality of the actuator Pneumatic cylinder in the pneumatic system has a great influence on the overall working state of the supporting equipment. Autoair talks about the skills of everyone when purchasing pneumatic cylinders: 1. Choose a manufacturer with a high reputation, quality and servi...
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  • What is the difference between dual-axis and tri-axis pneumatic cylinder?

    Double shaft pneumatic cylinder, also known as double pneumatic cylinder, it is two piston rods, the pneumatic cylinder guide part is a shorter copper sleeve to prevent it from getting stuck, the double shaft floats to some extent and can only be used for small side To force, hands tremble; Three...
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  • Why the cylinder tube made of aluminum?

    Why the cylinder tube made of aluminum?

    The pneumatic cylinder tube is made of aluminum alloy, which has low specific gravity, corrosion resistance, fast heat conduction, oil storage and so on. Most of the engine blocks are made of aluminum alloy. From the point of view of use, the advantages of cast aluminum pneumatic cylinders are li...
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  • Advantages and installation requirements of pneumatic parts

    Pneumatic parts have high reliability, simple structure, simple and convenient use and maintenance, easy to adjust the output force and working speed of pneumatic parts, faster than hydraulic and electrical methods, and the service life of pneumatic parts is very long. energy to achieve centraliz...
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