• How to choose a mini Pneumatic cylinder?

    The commonly used mini pneumatic cylinders are: MA stainless steel mini pneumatic cylinder, DSNU mini pneumatic cylinder, CM2 mini pneumatic cylinder, CJ1, CJP, CJ2 and other mini mini pneumatic cylinders. How to choose the correct pneumatic cylinder model? What factors need to be considered when...
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  • How can different types of Pneumatic cylinders distinguish whether sensors can be installed?

    1. When purchasing a pneumatic cylinder, should the purchasing considerations be taken into account? When you buy a pneumatic cylinder, it means to buy the product of the pneumatic cylinder on the relevant industry website. Because it is the work of product purchase, there are some factors that n...
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  • Classification of aluminum rods and their uses

    Classification of aluminum rods and their uses

    Aluminium (Al) is a non-ferrous metal whose chemical substances are ubiquitous in nature. The resources of aluminum in plate tectonics are about 40-50 billion tons, ranking third only after oxygen and silicon. It is the highest metal material type in the metal material type. Aluminum has unique o...
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  • Advantages Of Pneumatic Cylinders For Users

    1. The requirements for users are low. The principle and structure of the cylinder(made by cylinder tube) are simple, easy to install and maintain, and the requirements for the user are not high. Electric cylinders are different, engineers must have a certain degree of electrical knowledge, other...
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  • Pneumatic Cylinder Selection

    1. The size of the force That is, the choice of cylinder tube diameter. According to the size of the load force, the thrust and pull force output by the pneumatic cylinder are determined. Generally, the cylinder force required by the theoretical balance condition of the external load is selected,...
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  • For us we need to understand what is a pneumatic cylinder

    For us we need to understand what is a pneumatic cylinder

    When designing a hydraulic cylinder, it is necessary to know its use, as well as the working pressure and rated working pressure of the hydraulic system, the form determines the force and effect, and finally determines the cylinder bore and stroke of the hydraulic cylinder, connection method, in...
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  • What are the differences between the advantages and disadvantages of thin cylinders?

    What are the differences between the advantages and disadvantages of thin cylinders?

    Disadvantages of thin Pneumatic cylinder (made by Air Cylinders Tube) pneumatic components: 1.Due to the compressibility of air, the action speed of the air cylinder is easily changed by the change of the load. The use of gas-liquid linkage can overcome this defect. 2.When the cylinder is moving...
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  • The characteristics and uses of 6061 aluminum rods

    The main alloying elements of 6061 aluminum rods are magnesium and silicon, and form Mg2Si. If it contains a certain amount of manganese and chromium, it can neutralize the bad effects of iron; sometimes a small amount of copper or zinc is added to improve the strength of the alloy without signif...
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  • Aluminum alloy grades and classifications

    According to the content of aluminum and other elements in the aluminum alloy: (1) Pure aluminum: Pure aluminum is divided into three categories according to its purity: high-purity aluminum, industrial high-purity aluminum and industrial-purity aluminum. Welding is mainly industrial pure aluminu...
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  • Pneumatic Actuator -Pneumatic Cylinder Classification

    Pneumatic actuators – classification of cylinders, Autoair will introduce to you. 1. Principle and classification of cylinder Cylinder principle: Pneumatic actuators are devices that convert the pressure of compressed air into mechanical energy, such as Pneumatic cylinders and air motors. I...
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  • Those situations are often encountered when placing the pneumatic cylinder

    1.The Pneumatic cylinder is mainly cast in the process of making the swing table pneumatic cylinder. The pneumatic cylinder needs to undergo aging treatment after leaving the factory, which will eliminate the internal stress generated by the pneumatic cylinder during the casting process. If the a...
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  • How to improve cylinder quality

    How to improve cylinder quality

    With the development of industrial mechanization and automation, pneumatic technicians are widely used in various fields of production automation, forming modern pneumatic technology. As one of the pneumatic components, the cylinder is the “heart” of the pneumatic system, that is, the...
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