Advantages Of Pneumatic Cylinders For Users

1. The requirements for users are low. The principle and structure of the cylinder(made by cylinder tube) are simple, easy to install and maintain, and the requirements for the user are not high. Electric cylinders are different, engineers must have a certain degree of electrical knowledge, otherwise it is highly likely that due to misoperation and damage.

2. High output force. The output force of the cylinder is proportional to the square of the cylinder diameter, and the output force of the cylinder is related to three factors, the cylinder diameter, the power of the motor and the pitch of the screw, the larger the cylinder diameter and power, and the smaller the pitch, the greater the output force. A cylinder diameter of 50mm cylinder, the theoretical output force can reach 2000N, for the same cylinder diameter of the cylinder, although the products of different companies have differences, but basically not more than 1000N. Obviously, the cylinder has an advantage in terms of output force.

3. Strong adaptability. Cylinders can work properly in high and low temperature environments and are dustproof and waterproof, adapting to a wide range of harsh environments. Because of the large number of electrical components, the electric cylinder has higher requirements for the environment and poor adaptability.

Post time: Apr-20-2022