Classification of aluminum rods and their uses

Aluminium (Al) is a non-ferrous metal whose chemical substances are ubiquitous in nature. The resources of aluminum in plate tectonics are about 40-50 billion tons, ranking third only after oxygen and silicon. It is the highest metal material type in the metal material type. Aluminum has unique organic chemical and physicochemical characteristics, which are not only light in weight, but also strong in material. It also has good plasticity. Electrical conductivity, heat transfer, temperature resistance and radiation resistance are the main basic raw materials for the rapid development of society and economy.
Aluminum is the most abundant chemical element on earth, and its content ranks first among metal materials. It was not until the beginning of the 19th century that aluminum became a competitive metal material for engineering projects, and it became fashionable for a while. The progress of the three key industrial chains of aviation, engineering and construction, and vehicles requires the uniqueness of aluminum and alloys, which is greatly beneficial to the manufacture and application of this new metal-aluminum.
Aluminum rods are a type of metal aluminum. The smelting of aluminum rods includes melting, purification treatment, impurity removal, degassing, slag removal and forging processes. According to the chemical elements contained in aluminum rods, aluminum rods can be divided into 8 categories.
According to the chemical elements contained in aluminum rods, aluminum rods can be divided into 8 categories, which can be divided into 9 series of products:
1.1000 series aluminum rods represent 1050.1060.1100 series. Among all series products, the 1000 series belongs to the series with the largest aluminum content. The purity can reach more than 99.00%. Because there are no other technical elements, the production process is relatively simple and the price is more cost-effective. It is the most frequently used series of products in traditional industries at this stage. The vast majority of the flow in the sales market is the 1050 and 1060 series. 1000 series aluminum rods determine the minimum aluminum content of this series of products based on the final 2 counts. For example, the final 2 counts for a 1050 series product are 50. According to the international brand image positioning standard, the aluminum content must be above 99.5%. The Chinese aluminum alloy standard specification (GB/T3880-2006) also expressly stipulates that the 1050 aluminum content should be 99.5%. In the same way, the aluminum content of the aluminum rods of the 1060 series products must be above 99.6%.
2.2000 series aluminum rods represent 2A16(16).2A02(6). 2000 series aluminum rods have high strength and the largest copper content, about 3-5%. 2000 series aluminum rods belong to aviation aluminum, which is not common in traditional industrial production.
2024 is a very typical carbon tool steel alloy in the aluminum-copper-magnesium series products. It is a heat treatment process alloy with high toughness, easy production and processing, easy laser cutting and corrosion resistance.
The physical properties of 2024 aluminum rods are significantly improved after heat treatment (T3, T4, T351). The T3 state parameters are as follows: compressive strength 470MPa, tensile strength 0.2% 325MPa, elongation: 10%, fatigue limit 105MPa, strength 120HB.
Scope of application of 2024 aluminum rods: aircraft structure. Bolts. Freight wheel rims. Aircraft propeller parts and other parts.
3.3000 series product aluminum rod key representative 3003.3A21. In my country, the production process of aluminum rods of 3000 series products is of high quality. The aluminum rods of the 3000 series are mainly composed of manganese. The content is in the middle of 1.0-1.5, which is a series of anti-rust treatment products.
4. The 4000 series aluminum rods represent the 4A014000 series aluminum rods, which belong to the series of products with high silicon content. Usually the silicon content is between 4.5-6.0%. Attributable to building decoration materials, mechanical parts, forging raw materials, welding materials; low melting point, good corrosion resistance, product description: high temperature resistance and wear resistance.
The 5.5000 series aluminum rods represent the 5052.5005.5083.5A05 series. 5000 series aluminum rods belong to the common alloy aluminum rod series products, the main element is magnesium, and the magnesium content is between 3-5%. Also known as aluminum-magnesium alloy. Its main features are low relative density, high compressive strength and high elongation. In the same area, the net weight of aluminum-magnesium alloys is smaller than that of other series of products, and is widely used in traditional industries. China 5000 series aluminum rod is one of the complete aluminum rod series products.
6.6000 series aluminum rods represent 6061.6063 key with two elements of magnesium and silicon, which concentrates the advantages of 4000 series products and 5000 series. 6061 is a cold-strength aluminum forged product with high requirements for corrosion resistance and reducibility. Good ease of use, convenient coating, and good process performance.
6061 aluminum plate must have a certain compressive strength. Various industrial structures, such as the manufacture of trucks, tower construction, ships, trams, furniture, machine parts, precision machining, etc.
6063 aluminum plate. Engineering and construction aluminum profiles (this series of products are mainly used in aluminum alloy windows and doors), irrigation pipes and cars. Assembly platforms. Furniture. Guardrails and other extrusion raw materials.
7.7000 series aluminum rods represent 7075 key iron. It also falls under the Airline family of products. It is aluminum, magnesium, zinc, copper alloy, heat treatment process alloy and super carbon tool steel alloy. It has good wear resistance. Most of them are imported, and the production process in our country must be improved.
8. 8000 series aluminum rods are more common, 8011 belongs to other series products, mostly used for aluminum platinum, and the production of aluminum rods is not common.

Post time: Apr-23-2022