How can different types of Pneumatic cylinders distinguish whether sensors can be installed?

1. When purchasing a pneumatic cylinder, should the purchasing considerations be taken into account?
When you buy a pneumatic cylinder, it means to buy the product of the pneumatic cylinder on the relevant industry website. Because it is the work of product purchase, there are some factors that need to be considered, and there are also important and necessary factors. Consideration. From a professional point of view, these considerations must be taken into account, and none of them can be omitted. Otherwise, it will affect the accurate judgment of the product when purchasing, and then it will affect the correct purchase of the product.

2. Should the different types of pneumatic cylinders be correctly distinguished?
There are different types of pneumatic cylinders, and there are some differences or differences between the different types. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly distinguish these types, so that the correct selection can be made according to different use environments and use requirements. There are problems such as product waste due to wrong choices. In addition, in order to achieve the above purpose, it is necessary to know the specific differences between different types of pneumatic cylinders, and it cannot be treated and carried out carelessly.

3. Can a sensor be installed in the pneumatic cylinder?
In the pneumatic cylinder, it is possible to install sensors, so you can know that the answer to this question is yes. Moreover, after the sensor is installed in the pneumatic cylinder, the position of the piston can be detected by the sensor to improve the use performance of the pneumatic cylinder and the use effect of the pneumatic cylinder. Therefore, it can be said that this work is worthwhile.

4. Are tie-rod pneumatic cylinders and non-tie-rod pneumatic cylinders comparable?
In terms of specific types, there are two types of pneumatic cylinders: tie rod type and non-tie rod type. The tie rod type pneumatic cylinder is equipped with tie rods connecting the front and rear ends around the pneumatic cylinder, and in the form of tie rods, there are built-in and external ones. point. From a professional point of view, these two pneumatic cylinders are not comparable, and there is no need to compare them, because such a comparison has no meaning and value, only how to correctly select and use.

Post time: Apr-28-2022