Pipe bevel tool combines high torque and low RPM From: ESCO Tool

Esco Tool (Holiston, Massachusetts) released Mini-MILLHOG, a pneumatic portable pipe processing tool that combines high torque and low RPM for beveling and surface processing of super alloy pipes.
Esco Mini-MILLHOG is a compact and portable pneumatic inner diameter clamping pipe and pipe beveling tool with an operating weight of 27.5 pounds. It can be adjusted by itself during installation and provide high torque and low RPM. The tool has a smooth, non-chattering operation, can be prepared at any angle, and produces clean continuous chips without the use of cutting oil or cutting fluid.
Esco Mini-MILLHOG is ideal for beveling high-alloy stainless steel and thick-walled pipes, as well as removing pipe overlays and coatings. It is designed for pipes and pipes from 1.25 ID to 6.625″ OD. One mandrel covers most of the area. .
It has a sturdy spur gear drive train, and all clamping parts including the gear rod are heat treated.
The Esco Mini-MILLHOG ID clamping end preparation tool is priced at $6,995.00 and is also available for rent.

Post time: Nov-17-2021