piston rod machined material

1. 45# steel
Under normal circumstances, if the load of the piston rod is not very large, 45# steel is generally used for production. Since 45# steel is a commonly used medium carbon quenched and tempered structural steel, it has high strength and good machinability, especially when the welded roller frame has passed the gas heat treatment, it can obtain a certain resistance. , plasticity and wear resistance, so it is one of the more commonly used materials for piston rod processing.

2. 40Cr steel
If the piston rod is under heavy load, it is generally made of 40Cr steel. Since 40Cr steel is a medium carbon quenched and tempered steel, it has good hardenability and low temperature impact resistance. Especially when it is quenched and tempered, it can have excellent general mechanical properties, and the hardness can reach between 32-36HRC, that is, between about 301-340HB, so that the piston rod can have satisfactory working strength. Therefore, piston rods made of 40Cr steel are often used in piston rods with large impact force and heavy load transmission requirements.

The content described above is the more commonly used materials for piston rod processing. However, in addition to these two materials, GCr15 steel, Sus304… etc. are also used to make piston rod processing materials. Therefore, the materials used for the processing of piston rods are mainly selected according to their own needs. Due to different materials, in some aspects or some performances, they will also have some advantages that are different from other materials. .

Post time: Mar-08-2022