Pneumatic cylinder purchase skills sharing

The quality of the actuator Pneumatic cylinder in the pneumatic system has a great influence on the overall working state of the supporting equipment. Autoair talks about the skills of everyone when purchasing pneumatic cylinders:

1. Choose a manufacturer with a high reputation, quality and service reputation.
2. Check the standards used by the enterprise to produce pneumatic cylinders. If it is the enterprise standard, it should be compared with the industry standard.

3. Inspect the appearance, internal and external leakage and no-load performance of the pneumatic cylinder:
a. Appearance: There should be no scratches on the surface of the Aluminium Pneumatic Cylinder Tube and piston rod, and no air holes and trachoma at the Pneumatic Cylinder Assembly Kits.
b. Internal and external leakage: The pneumatic cylinder is not allowed to have external leakage except the rod end. The internal leakage and the external leakage of the rod end should be less than (3+0.15D) ml/min and (3+0.15d) ml/min respectively.
c. No-load performance: put the pneumatic cylinder in a no-load state, and make it run at a low speed to see what its speed is without crawling. The lower the speed, the better.

4. Pay attention to the installation form and size of the pneumatic cylinder. The installation size can be proposed when ordering from the manufacturer. The pneumatic cylinder manufacturer usually has no stock, and the standard type is used as much as possible, which can shorten the delivery time.

Post time: May-16-2022