What is the difference between dual-axis and tri-axis pneumatic cylinder?

Double shaft pneumatic cylinder, also known as double pneumatic cylinder, it is two piston rods, the pneumatic cylinder guide part is a shorter copper sleeve to prevent it from getting stuck, the double shaft floats to some extent and can only be used for small side To force, hands tremble;
Three-axis pneumatic cylinder(made by Aluminum Cylinder Tube), also known as double guide rod pneumatic cylinder, piston shaft, two guide shafts, piston rod and link are floating shaft plates, so the precision is very high, not trapped, and subject to large lateral forces, second only to sliding pneumatic cylinders ,

The guide rod of the three-axis oil pneumatic cylinder is divided into copper ring and ball linear bearing. The ball bearing has high precision but is expensive; the copper sleeve is cheap and the shaft is relatively rough.

TN series double-axis pneumatic cylinders, which implement the standard embedded installation and fixed form of the body, save installation space. It has a certain flexural strength and torsional strength, and can absorb a certain amount of lateral load; the mounting holes of the fixed plate are on three sides to promote multi-position loading; the front fender of the body is adjustable for pneumatic cylinder stroke, and ease of use; the standard configuration is Attached to the magnetic model, this series of pneumatic cylinders and magnets are optional.

Double shaft pneumatic cylinder.

Wholesale MGP series triaxial guide rod pneumatic cylinder(made by Pneumatic Cylinder Profile), two special bearing steel production guide rods, with linear bearing or bronze bearing guide, torsion and have a high resistance to side load; drive unit design and pilot unit and a book on In the body, no additional accessories are required, the minimum space requirement and the entrance interface can be selected, and the installation is more convenient. The lower body, the face of the body and the fixed plate have two precise positioning holes. High-precision positioning and installation; four magnetic induction switch slot body, providing a variety of induction switch installation; special design of the body, providing a comprehensive installation fixed mode.

Post time: May-16-2022